Crafting the Future of Multi-Cloud Unity on SAP BTP

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Innovating with SAP BTP: Powering Multitenant Solutions Across Multi-Cloud Platforms.


At Pokit, we bridge the best of SAP BTP with the capabilities of Azure, AWS, and GCP. Our mission: Delivering unparalleled multi-cloud solutions with BTP at the heart.  

Founded by seasoned SAP developers, Pokit emerged from a vision to revolutionize product development within the SAP ecosystem. While we honor our consulting roots, our eyes are set on the future – crafting products that redefine how businesses use SAP BTP.

Multi-cloud mastery. By seamlessly integrating SAP BTP with leading cloud services like Azure, AWS, and GCP, we ensure your business benefits from the best of all worlds.


Our Partnerships


We provide creative solutions!

At Pokit, we are committed to propelling your business forward with cutting-edge SAP solutions tailored to your unique demands. Our suite of services and products are designed to encompass every aspect of your SAP journey. From our suite of products which can be configured or customised to meet your business needs, to expert Consulting services that maximize your SAP deployment, and our trailblazing Multi-Cloud Integration that fuses SAP’s robustness with the agility of the world’s leading cloud platforms. Dive into our products & services and discover how we can transform your enterprise with precision, innovation, and scalable efficiency.

Product Development

Harness the power of SAP BTP tailored to your unique needs. Our products are designed for scalability, ensuring they serve you now and as you grow.


Leverage our deep expertise in SAP. From strategy to execution, our consulting services guide you at every step, ensuring your SAP solutions are optimized for success.

Multi-Cloud Integration

Why limit yourself to one cloud platform? With Pokit, integrate SAP BTP with Azure, AWS, OpenAI and GCP, unlocking limitless possibilities.


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Ready to innovate with SAP BTP and multi-cloud? Let’s talk.Ready to innovate with SAP BTP and multi-cloud? Let’s talk.